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Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project (SUBMITTED APRIL 17, 2018)

The goal of FY17 YHDP is to support 11 communities, at least 5 of which will be rural, in the development and implementation of a coordinated community approach to preventing and ending youth homelessness. The population of focus is youth experiencing homelessness, including unaccompanied and pregnant or parenting youth, where no member of the household is older than 24. The five primary objectives of the demonstration are: 1. Build national momentum 2. Evaluate the coordinated community approach 3. Expand capacity 4. Evaluate performance measures 5. Establish a framework for federal program and technical assistance collaboration
Each selected community will be awarded $1,000,000 plus a percentage of $32,000,000 based on the percentage of all youth among selected communities that reside in each selected community and the poverty rate of each community. FY16 communities were awarded $1.3 to $6.6 million dollars. Based on approximate population compared to FY16 communities, Las Vegas/Clark County may be awarded $4 – $5 million.
Once awarded, communities will have 4 months to submit a coordinated community plan which outlines how the money will be spent on the innovative projects that will make the most impact on preventing and ending youth homelessness in our community. Projects that expand on current initiatives will not be funded. HUD is looking for dynamic programming that is new, innovative, and is able to make a big impact.
The coordinated community plan will provide a framework for YHDP projects including a mini local application look-alike process dedicated specifically to YHDP awards. Projects awarded under the YHDP may be eligible for renewal under the CoC Program when the initial grant term of two years expires, ultimately increasing our community’s Annual Renewal Demand.
The most important part of our application is to show that our community has the experience and has already established collaborative partnerships to do this work. Our application needs to be as complete as possible to demonstrate our readiness to become a YHDP community. Selected FY16 urban communities all scored above 92 points on their applications.

Important Dates:
   Tuesday, April 17th – Collaborative Applicant submitted the complete application to HUD

Working Drafts as of March 26, 2018 for public review:

Final Drafts as of April 6, 2018 for public review:


  • More information coming in Spring of 2018

2017 Southern Nevada Local HUD Continuum of Care Project Application

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