Risk Mitigation Fund

Clark County created a Landlord Risk Mitigation Fund to reimburse and support landlords partnering with Southern Nevada Continuum of Care and their subsidized rent supportive housing programs to reimburse landlords when tenant damages to the units exceed HUD allowances and/or security deposits. Funds are also available to rehab units to pass HQS standards.

Damage Claims

Landlords may be reimbursed up to $3,000 for damages to restore the unit following tenant exit. Security deposits and allowable HUD charges must be exhausted. Photos of the damage, and receipts for expenses and labor must be submitted with the claim. Normal wear and tear (ex: flooring, carpets, paint, etc) are not allowable expenses.

Rehabilitation Claims

Landlords may be reimbursed up to $3,000 after an initial deductible of $500 to rehabilitate units that would not have met HQS standards if the unit is committed and used for supportive housing. Before and after rehab photos, receipts for expenses and labor, and a signed lease with a community supportive housing program must be submitted with the claim.


Required Documents

New Vendor Documents

Claim Reimbursement Forms

  • Invoice/Receipts
  • Photos of Damage
  • Improvement Photos
  • Notices of Other Charges
  • Rental Agreement
  • Move In/Out Condition Report
  • Proof Tenant is Program Recipient
  • Inspection Report
  • Unit Readiness

If you have any questions please contact LEAPS@clarkcountynv.org.

Operation HOME! is a community-wide effort to quickly and permanently house members of the Southern Nevada community who are in need of a home.
Our community is investing resources to get and keep tenants housed. Financial assistance, tenant case management and landlord support is available to make this happen.

Help find homes for 2,022 unhoused individuals by the end of 2022.

In Southern Nevada, we need more affordable rental units to help people in our community become financially independent and thrive. Our community needs more studio, 1 and 2 bedroom rentals as well as bigger units.

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