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Clark County CARES Housing Assistance Program

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To get started, please go to the dedicated Clark County Social Service (CCSS) CHAP Application portal:

What is CHAP?

The CARES Housing Assistance Program (CHAP) serves residents of Clark County who have suffered substantial financial hardship and now lack
sufficient income or resources available to pay their housing costs because of the COVID-19 emergency or the response to that emergency.

Important Information about CHAP:

Level of assistance is based on the availability of CARES Act grant funding and each individual household assessment. Applications will be accepted by CHAP providers until all funds are exhausted.

Who is qualified to receive CHAP funds?

Applicants must be current residents of Clark County, NV and demonstrate how they have been impacted by COVID-19. Anyone currently receiving a subsidy from another rental assistance program or living in public housing is ineligible.

Required Documentation:

In order to complete a determination of eligibility with one of the agencies listed above, the required documents must be provided (this list is not all inclusive):

Proof of Identity

  1. Photo ID

Proof of COVID Impact (One of the following)

  1. At least 2 paystubs showing a reduction of income
  2. Unemployment benefits confirmation (copy of check or confirmation letter)
  3. Employer statement

Lease Agreement

Proof of Need

  1. Landlord Verification Form (provided by CHAP Provider)
  2. Default Letter
  3. Utility bill (cannot be paid to governmental entities)

Operation HOME! is a community-wide effort to quickly and permanently house members of the Southern Nevada community who are in need of a home.
Our community is investing resources to get and keep tenants housed. Financial assistance, tenant case management and landlord support is available to make this happen.

Help find homes for 2,022 unhoused individuals by the end of 2022.

In Southern Nevada, we need more affordable rental units to help people in our community become financially independent and thrive. Our community needs more studio, 1 and 2 bedroom rentals as well as bigger units.

Learn More about becoming a property partner

Additional Resources

Housing Models Needed

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