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Southern Nevada Homelessness Continuum of Care

Overview of the Continuum of Care

Historically, under the McKinney Vento Act the Continuum of Care (CoC) was a local network that plans and coordinates funding for services and housing to assist homeless individuals and families. With the enactment of the HEARTH Act in 2009, the CoC is now an entity that implements the HUD CoC program and includes all who choose to participate and are concerned with and/or are providing services to individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness.

The HUD CoC program is designed to:

  • Promote a community-wide commitment to the goals of ending homelessness.
  • Provide funding for efforts to rapidly re-house homeless individuals and families.
  • Promote access to and effective use of mainstream programs.
  • Optimize self sufficiency among individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

The SNH CoC is the official board acting on behalf of the Continuum of Care to take care of furthering the mission to end homelessness in Southern Nevada.

The Board is made up of representatives from governments, businesses, advocates, public housing agencies, school districts, social service providers, mental health agencies, hospitals, universities, affordable housing developers, law enforcement, organizations that serve homeless and formerly homeless veterans, homeless and formerly homeless persons and any other identified stakeholder that benefits the mission of ending homelessness in Southern Nevada.

CoC Membership is unlimited and the Southern Nevada Homelessness Continuum of Care (SNH CoC) Board has initiated an open invitation. Any person or agency may become a member of the SNH CoC, if there is an interest to work with or serve the homeless population. Membership forms for the CoC helps the CoC establish a comprehensive database for all future notices to meetings and information sharing. CoC Membership and Board Interest Forms for the SNH CoC Board are available at the link to the left of this page. Please take the time to submit the information so you continue to get notified of upcoming meetings, important events and other information sharing.

To become a member of the Southern Nevada Homelessness CoC, please click on the Membership Form cover below that will link you to the form online. Upon submitting the form, all information will be considered public information.

Help Hope Home is Southern Nevada’s coordinated regional approach to assist individuals and families achieve stable and sustainable lives.

CoC Transition Timeline


Call for Board Member Nominations


For information about upcoming meetings, visit the Community Calendar.

Governance Structure

Help Hope Home 101

Join us to learn about regional efforts to address and end homelessness in Southern Nevada.

This orientation provides an overview of:

– Homelessness in Southern Nevada
– Help Hope Home, the Southern Nevada Homelessness Continuum of Care
– The core principles outlined in our regional plan to end homelessness
– How to get involved in our regional efforts
– Funding opportunities

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Operation HOME! is a community-wide effort to quickly and permanently house members of the Southern Nevada community who are in need of a home.
Our community is investing resources to get and keep tenants housed. Financial assistance, tenant case management and landlord support is available to make this happen.

Help find homes for 2,022 unhoused individuals by the end of 2022.

In Southern Nevada, we need more affordable rental units to help people in our community become financially independent and thrive. Our community needs more studio, 1 and 2 bedroom rentals as well as bigger units.

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Additional Resources

Housing Models Needed

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