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Gaps Analysis & Needs Assessment

The goal of a gaps analysis or a needs assessment is to help the region update its understanding of needs for those experiencing homelessness. These studies identify key unmet needs in the housing and services system, focusing on overall needs as well as specific sub-population and geographic needs. It also considers the overall functioning of the system as a whole and identifies strategies to improve system-level effectiveness and efficiency.

Information was gathered through a variety of strategies:

  • A survey of homeless housing and service providers
  • Focus groups of those with lived experience
  • Meetings with providers
  • Meeting with stakeholders, such as law enforcement and hospitals focused on discharge planning
  • Key informant interviews
  • Review of data from other sources, such as previous Gaps Analysis, Evaluations, Homeless Census and Surveys, Point-in Time Counts and Housing Inventory Counts, Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) data, other data and information sources

2013 Gaps Analysis 2015 Gaps Analysis

2017 Prevention & Diversion Gaps Analysis

2022 Youth Needs Assessment

Operation HOME! is a community-wide effort to quickly and permanently house members of the Southern Nevada community who are in need of a home.
Our community is investing resources to get and keep tenants housed. Financial assistance, tenant case management and landlord support is available to make this happen.

Help find homes for 2,022 unhoused individuals by the end of 2022.

In Southern Nevada, we need more affordable rental units to help people in our community become financially independent and thrive. Our community needs more studio, 1 and 2 bedroom rentals as well as bigger units.

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Housing Models Needed

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