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Operation Home!

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Operation HOME! is a regional initiative of Help Hope Home to find homes for 2,022 high-risk homeless Southern Nevadans at increased risk of COVID-19 by the end of 2022.

Thirteen organizations have received CARES Act funds to permanently house high-risk homeless households using Rapid-Rehousing and Progressive Engagement interventions, which are national best practices for rapidly housing and stabilizing households experiencing homelessness.

Join the effort! Here are some ways that you can support Operation HOME!

    1. Partner as a landlord. If you own rental properties, there are many benefits to partnering with our LEAPS program! List your property for free at and learn more about our Risk Mitigation Fund at
    2. Donate furniture. Please donate gently used furniture to Deseret Industries Thrift Stores. To support Operation HOME! Deseret Industries will be providing vouchers for households to shop for the items they need in their new homes.
    3. Build “Welcome Home” Kits. These are gift baskets that include all the basic household essentials someone needs in their new home. Learn more at

 Are you experiencing homelessness and looking for help? Visit Get Help | Help Hope Home and click on Coordinated Entry Assessments for a list of locations to go to get assessed for and connected to housing assistance


Operation HOME! is a community-wide effort to quickly and permanently house members of the Southern Nevada community who are in need of a home.
Our community is investing resources to get and keep tenants housed. Financial assistance, tenant case management and landlord support is available to make this happen.

Help find homes for 2,022 unhoused individuals by the end of 2022.

In Southern Nevada, we need more affordable rental units to help people in our community become financially independent and thrive. Our community needs more studio, 1 and 2 bedroom rentals as well as bigger units.

Learn More about becoming a property partner

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Housing Models Needed

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