Coordinated Entry

Coordinated Entry (CE) is a requirement of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is Southern Nevada’s strategy for a more efficient system to help people experiencing homelessness to access housing services. This has proven to be an effective way to assess people for multiple programs throughout the community and match them to appropriate housing in the community as it becomes available. CE allows providers to focus their time and resources on providing direct services to clients and improves the coordination of shelter and housing services. It has also been effective in improving data collection and providing accurate information on prevention, client needs and service gaps within the community.
In July 2014, Southern Nevada began utilizing the Coordinated Entry process in a pilot project for Households without Children. Southern Nevada intends is using the pilot to develop the most efficient and effective process. The knowledge gained has been used to improve the existing CE processes for youth, families and survivors of domestic violence.  The additional subpopulations began implementing CE in October 2017.  In January 2018, the Southern Nevada Homelessness Continuum of Care adopted Southern Nevada Coordinated Entry System Policies & Procedures.

Coordinated Entry Toolkit

In an effort to improve our Coordinated Entry system, Clark County Social Service is rolling out a series of tools intended to help providers and consumers navigate the system.

  • Click Here for a printable Coordinated Intake Information Sheet for Adults without Children.
  • Click Here for a map of locations for Clark County Social Service Coordinated Entry sites and their CCSS Fast Facts
  • Click here for FAQs for the Adult Households without Children Pilot.
  • Click here for a tour of Southern Nevada’s Coordinated Entry Pilot for Homeless Adult Households Without Children. This brief overview will walk you through the general steps that you and your client will take as you move through the system. Please take a few minutes to view the tour, and share it with your program staff.
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