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SNRPC Southern Nevada Homelessness Continuum of Care Board

Please click here for agenda, minutes, and meeting materials.


2015 Southern Nevada Homeless Census

January 28th:Urban Areas of Clark County
January 29th:Rural Areas of Clark Couny

Homeless Resource Guide

Community Referral
List for Assistance

Needing help with some basic needs, such as food, clothing, rent, and utilities? Click on the link above for service providers in Southern Nevada who may be of assistance. For comprehensive information on services available statewide, please contact Nevada 2-1-1 by visiting or dialing 211 from a Nevada area code. If you have trouble dialing 211, please call (702) 836-2195 to be connected to the call center.

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Looking for information on the Clarity HMIS System? Southern Nevada's HMIS Project details can be found by clicking on the Clarity Logo. To apply for access to the Clarity HMIS please contact Clarity support at 702-614-6690 x2.

Southern Nevada Coordinated Intake (CI) Information

  • Coordinated Intake for homeless individuals represents a single point of entry or "hub" for assessment of client services.
  • Clark County Social Service (CCSS) serves as the coordinated intake hub in Southern Nevada for single adults without children. Individuals will be evaluated comprehensively for services available through CCSS, the Continuum of Care and in the community.
  • The Veterans Administration Community Resource & Referral Center (CRRC) serves as the centralized intake hub for all veterans who are homeless or at risk for homelessness.
  • Hubs for other subpopulations, such as families and unaccompanied youth, will be added at a later date with locations to be determined. Housing providers however, can continue to assist families as normal until Coordinated Intake sites or hubs for the above sub-populations have been established.
  • Clients will be assessed to determine the best intervention which meets their needs.
  • It enables workers to make decisions on programs that are most appropriate for clients.
  • Hub personnel have an understanding of each community program?s specific requirements, target population and available services.
  • Clients are matched to the appropriate housing as it becomes available in the community.
  • Clients in a coordinated system are interviewed and assessed for multiple programs.
  • Community providers are able to focus their time and resources on service provision.
  • It improves data collection and provides accurate information on prevention, client needs, gaps in service; and it improves the coordination of shelter and housing services.
  • There are currently two hubs in Southern Nevada for single adults:
    • Clark County Social Service (5 office locations)
    • Veterans Administration Community Resource & Referral Center (CRRC)
  • Homeless individuals being sent to or walking into the CCSS hub will receive a return date to complete their assessment.
  • The assessment determines what type of housing is most appropriate for the client.
  • Not all clients referred to the hub for housing are eligible for Transitional Housing, Permanent Supportive Housing, and Rapid Rehousing.
  • Individuals who have received a community housing assessment and are deemed to be appropriate for a housing referral may not receive housing immediately or from the provider who referred them. Housing is based on availability and client choice.
  • Individuals who have been seen in one of the five (5) CCSS locations in the last twelve (12) months may call (702) 455-4270 to schedule a return date.
  • Individuals who have not been seen in one of the five (5) CCSS locations in the last twelve (12) months will need to come into one of the CCSS office locations to complete an application and obtain a return date for their community housing assessment (see section "Office Locations and Hours of Operation").
  • Veterans should contact the CRRC which serves as the centralized intake hub for all veterans who are homeless or at risk for homelessness. Please call (702) 791-9077 and ask for the CRRC "Expert of the Day" for more information.
    • The CRRC is a walk-in center only, so clients should be encouraged to arrive early in the day.
    • Each veteran participates in a standardized assessment.
    • Every veteran is screened for every program.
    • Please do not discuss HUD-VASH or suggest that the individual would be eligible.
    • The CRRC partners with community partners to further assist independently functioning veterans.
    • Emergency housing placements can be arranged from 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. on a daily basis.

  • CCSS Office Locations - Open 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

    • Pinto Office
      1600 Pinto Lane
      Las Vegas, Nv 89106
      Phone (702) 455-4270

    • Community Resource Center (CRC)
      2432 N. Martin Luther King Blvd #D
      Las Vegas, NV 89032
      Phone (702) 455-4270

    • Fertitta
      1504 Las Vegas Blvd, North
      Las Vegas, NV 89101
      Phone (702) 455-4270

    • Cambridge Annex
      3885 S. Maryland Pkwy
      Las Vegas, NV 89119
      Phone (702) 455-4270

    • Henderson
      522 E. Lake Mead Pkwy, Ste 4
      Henderson, NV 89015
      Phone (702) 455-4270

  • Veterans Administration - Open 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (Walk-in only)

    • Community Resource and Referral Center (CRRC)
      916 West Owens Ave
      Las Vegas, NV 89106
      Phone (702) 791-9077
      (Ask for the Community Resource & Referral Center "Expert of the Day")

Click Here for a map of locations for Clark CCSS Coordinated Intake sites.

Click Here for a printable CI Information Sheet with the above information.

Southern Nevada Homelessness Continuum of Care Governance Structure (SNH CoC )

The Southern Nevada Homelessness Continuum of Care (SHN CoC) Governance Structure was presented and considered at the August 14, 2014 Continuum of Care (CoC) meeting with unanimous approval by all of the CoC members in attendance. This SHN CoC Governance Structure recognizes the initial regional framework designed by the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition (SNRPC) in 2003, while incorporating the rules and regulations enacted and mandated from the HEARTH Act and the Continuum of Care Program in 2009; hence the re-authorization of the SNRPC CoH and CoC into one cohesive structure. The file cover below is a link to the approved Southern Nevada Homelessness Continuum of Care Governance Structure.

With the adoption of the SHN CoC Governance Structure, more work will be occurring over the next several months that includes putting the remaining Community Stakeholders in place, to make up the 27 member Southern Nevada Homelessness Continuum of Care (SNH CoC) Board. To establish members for the expanded SNH CoC Board, a Board Selection Ad Hoc Committee was created at the August 14, 2014 meeting to review applications of individuals interested in representing one of the 27 seats on the SNH CoC Board. The Board Selection Ad Hoc Committee is made up of the Jurisdictional Stakeholders and includes City of Las Vegas, Stephen Harsin (lead); City of Henderson, Barbara Geach; City of North Las Vegas, Mary Ellen Donner; Clark County, Timothy Burch; Clark County School District, Paula Zier; and City of Boulder City, Julie Calloway (alternate). Final recommendations of appointments are scheduled to be made to the SNH CoC Board in January 2015.

CoC Membership is unlimited and the SNH CoC Board has initiated an open invitation. Anyone or any agency may become a member of the Southern Nevada Homelessness CoC, with the common denominator that there is an interest to work with or serve the homeless population. Membership forms for the CoC helps the CoC establish a comprehensive database for all future notices to meetings and information sharing. CoC Membership and Board Interest Forms for the SNH CoC Board are available at the link to the left of this page. Please take the time to submit the information so you continue to get notified of upcoming meetings, important events and other information sharing. Completing the Board Interest Form is necessary to be considered for a seat on the SNH CoC Board.

All future meetings of the SNH CoC Board will be held at United Way located at 5830 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103, in order to accommodate both the expanded, CoC members and the general public.

During the period of January 29-30 2014, Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition Committee on Homelessness conducted the 2014 Southern Nevada Homeless Census. In an attempt to end homelessness, the U.S. Congress has required that governments receiving federal funds under the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing (HEARTH) Act must conduct annual counts of their homeless population. The region has implemented the homeless census and survey for this reason, to obtain more accurate and useful data.

It is the intention that the results of this research will assist service providers, policy makers, funding sources, and local, state and federal governments to better understand and plan for the needs of the homeless population by examining current statistics in various geographical contexts. The information for the 2014 Southern Nevada Homeless Census and Survey will hopefully help policy makers and service providers more effectively develop services and programs to serve the County's homeless population, especially in comparison to census information collected in 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2013.

Click here to view the comprehensive report.

Help Hope Home is Southern Nevada’s coordinated regional approach to assist individuals and families achieve stable and sustainable lives.

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